Feel Younger,
Do More

Lifestyle medicine to help you meet your personal health goals that improve your quality of life

Feel Younger, Do More

Lifestyle-change medicine to help you meet personal health goals that improve your quality-of-life

Get Busy with b:Rare

The Health Experience Company

b:Rare Health is for individuals and couples in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s & 70’s who are looking to improve their physical, cognitive and sexual health.

Each personalized b:Rare program can include prescription topical hormone treatments, arousal medications, and the right macro- and micro-nutrients to help build and maintain a healthy lifestyle; safely, privately, conveniently and long-term.

How Our Medical Programs Work​

Taking control of your health has never been so easy

b:Rare Health coordinates and streamlines your Health Experience to ensure your safety, security and privacy.

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Pick the b:Rare Health Experience that fits with your goals

2 Your Visit

Online, at Home or in a b:Rare office near you

3 Your Plan

Prescriptions & Supplements delivered to your door

4 Adjustments

Ongoing care tailored to your plan and changing goals

Medical Experts and Your Care

Our b:Rare Health Experiences have been designed by leading doctors, pharmacists, and nurses who have dedicated their lives to improving your quality-of-life. Each health experience has been designed to assure your safety and to provide a personalized experience tailored to you.

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