rTMS provides patients with drug-free, noninvasive therapy in a peaceful office setting. It is a major technological advancement from TMS, which has been used to treat depression since 1985. While TMS therapy typically requires a patient to commit to 36 consecutive sessions to achieve benefits, rTMS only requires 3-5 sessions, making it 90% more efficient. rTMS is also safer and proven to be even more effective.


Prevention is a key component for our clients, and our line of supplements is one of the most complete and potent nutraceuticals on the market. Providing professional and Olympic athletes with multiple health benefits since 1999, the all-natural supplement rich in phytonutrients is a BSCG Certified Drug Free product that exceeds WADA requirements.

• Increased workout recovery
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-aging
• Antioxidant
• Life extension
• Cardiovascular and Mitochondrial


For men and women wanting to maintain or regain an active and fulfilling physical lifestyle, the health experts at b:Rare Health have you covered.

With a company comprised of medical professionals and athletes whose passion is to live life on their own terms, it’s only natural that we offer safe, practical solutions for optimum physical health.

• Peptides
• Stem Cells
• Hormone Replacement Therapy
• Brain Stimulation
• Intravenous Therapies