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b:Rare Health is for individuals and couples in their 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's who are looking to improve their physical, cognitive and sexual health.

Each personalized b:Rare program can include prescription topical hormone treatments, arousal medications, and the right macro- and micro-nutrients to help build and maintain a healthy lifestyle; safely, privately, conveniently and long-term.

Personalized Care

Our bespoke health experiences are customized for your body, your lifestyle, and your goals, by licensed doctors and pharmacists. We provide you with the prescription and supplemental solutions you need to feel younger and do more.

Professional Healthcare

Professional Healthcare

Arousal Medication

Compounded Arousal Medication

Prescription Hormone Therapies

Prescription Hormone Therapies

Proven Supplements & Extracts

Proven Supplements & Extracts

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Take the first step to regaining your vigor and getting busy is to create your b:Rare profile and answer a few questions about your health and goals. If you are healthy you can be prescribed Arousal Medications and order Supplements today.

In-Person Visit

In-office or in-home visits to draw blood are necessary for all hormone therapies for men and women and give b:Rare doctors the information and health insights to help design your specific b:Rare experience.


Your b:Rare Experience

Together with your b:Rare doctor you will design the experience that is right for you. Your medications and supplements will arrive discretely at your door and b:Rare care coordinators will be on-call for questions and consultations.

Ongoing Care

Periodic, scheduled on-line visits with your b:Rare doctor to check in and gauge your progress and adjust treatments.

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