The Women’s Arousal Experience

Welcome to the Women’s Arousal Experience

The Women’s Arousal Experience is a proactive lifestyle medical program to improve lubrication, sensation, and sexual intimacy.

TheWomen’s Arousal Experience has been designed by doctors and pharmacists for women who want to improve sexual satisfaction and intimacy. You call the shots. Your body and senses. Sexual intimacy and pleasure that is personalized to your body chemistry.

How It Work


With b:Rare It’s Easy to Get Started…

Baseline Health Assessment

A comprehensive set of information that gives you and your b:Rare doctors the right insight to help you get busy strengthening your mind, body and libido.

Your First 10 days

You should begin to experience improvements the first time you use your treatment. For some, it can take up to 3 uses to see results.

Ongoing Care & Adjustments

If you still don’t notice improvements, your b:Rare doctor will be able to adjust your customized dose or switch you to a different treatment.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

In order to meet your goals, you and your b:Rare doctor will decide on a combination of the following therapies customized to your body chemistry.

Vaginal PDE5 Lotions

For Improving arousal & sensation

Vaginal Lubricants

Used for improving lubrication

Non-Prescription Products

For body support intimacy and experience

Frequently Asked Questions

The Women’s Arousal Experience has been designed for women who are currently affected by female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) and are seeking treatment to improve their sexual experience. 

At b:Rare Health we take your privacy very seriously.

We understand your personal health goals are a private matter and we ensure that the communication with your b:Rare doctor remains a private matter between the two of you.

All medical and personal information you provide is end-to-end encrypted, and kept secure in line with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) best practices.

We have made it convenient for you to receive your care from your home, making a trip to see your doctor, or online from anywhere in the world. your b:Rare doctor personalize your visit based upon your needs.

The doctor will making sure that your personal health goals are being met in a dafe manner.

Every body is different, so your b:Rare doctor care team may prescribe one of several potential medications based on your unique biology and needs. Your b:Rare doctor will also give you the option to request a different medication before finalizing your prescription. All medications have been confirmed as safe by the FDA, and have been scientifically proven to meet your personal health goals.

Yes. The b:Rare Health membership fee enables us to provide a level of personalized service by our doctors, pharmacists, and technologists that is not typically reimbursed by most insurers.

No. You should keep your health insurance so that you are covered in case of a medical emergency.