The Executive Experience

For improving energy, mood, and memory

Carpe Diem.
Your mind is your identity.
Stay sharp and take charge of your cognitive & mental health as you age.

The Executive Experience has been designed by doctors and pharmacists for men who want to stay energetic, improve mood, and stay sharp.  

Cognitive Health

Age-Related Memory Loss

Forgetfulness can be a normal part of aging. As people get older, changes occur in all parts of the body, including the brain. Some examples of normal age-related memory loss include: making a bad decision once in a while, missing a monthly payment, forgetting which day it is and remembering it later, sometimes forgetting which word to use, and losing things from time to time.

Age-related memory loss is normally caused by the normal aging process. Other factors that can cause or speed up age-related memory loss include chronic disease (e.g., tumors, blood clots, infections in the brain, thyroid issues, kidney problems, liver disorders, drinking too much alcohol, head injury), vitamin B12 deficiency, medications, hormone imbalance, emotional problems, genetic factors, mild cognitive impairment, or dementia.

Yes. Common medical approaches for treating age-related memory loss in men include: brain exercises that involve strategy (e.g., chess, bridge, scrabble), reading the newspaper daily, taking on projects that involve design and planning, exercise (e.g., walking 30 minutes daily), hormone balancing, good nutrition, stress reduction activities, and medications.

The Executive X has been designed to correct any deficiencies you have and to provide you with the health tools necessary to maintain mental sharpness and to stay cognitively active.

Age-Related Fatigue

As you get older, getting out of bed after a good night’s sleep with the energy you once had in your 20s and 30s begins to diminish. You begin to feel more tired throughout the day, you may lack energy to exercise, or have trouble concentrating and staying alert.

Age-related fatigue is normally caused by the normal aging process. Other factors that can cause or speed up age-related fatigue include: chronic disease (e.g., anemia, thyroid issues, depression, anxiety,), not enough sleep, nutritional deficiencies, medications, hormone imbalance, lack of physical activity, and emotional problems.

Yes. Common medical approaches for treating age-related fatigue in men include: getting adequate sleep, exercise, coffee, diet, hormone balancing, good nutrition, stress reduction activities, and medications.

The Executive X has been designed to correct any health deficiencies you have and provide you with the health tools necessary to improve your overall energy to achieve your health goals.

Personalized Treatment Plan

In order to meet your goals, you and your b:Rare doctor will decide on a combination of the following therapies customized to
your body chemistry.

Daily Energy Enhancer

Used for increasing energy throughout the day


Used for optimal metabolism & body regulation


Use to support & complement your body chemistry

Member Benefits

One-Year of Safety & Ongoing Care

Prescriptions & Treatment​

Additional Benefits

Membership & Pricing

A one-year membership provides everything you need to begin your journey and maintain your routine. There are never hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Safety Visit


What’s included:

  • Initial consultation with a b:Rare doctor
  • Health and safety assessment
  • Personalized treatment options
  • Opportunity to ask questions and learn about the b:Rare Health Experience that is right for you*

*If you and your b:Rare doctor decide to move forward on enrolling in a b:Rare Health Experience that is right for you, your $79 payment initial cost will be credited toward your first monthly payment.

Monthly Membership


One-Year Program
(Minimum 3-month commitment)

Plan prices vary by medication
and range from $199-499/month

What to expect

You should expect the following care during your b:Rare Health Experience

Start-to-Month 1

You should begin to feel changes.

Month 3-to-Month 6

Program Adjustments to Your Goals

Month 6-to-Month 11


Program Adjustments to Your
Goals & Renewal


We make it easy for you to start.

Safety Evaluation & Online Visit

Start by creating an account, tell your doctor about your quality of life goals, and schedule your online visit to discuss the health experience in which you are interested.

Lab Work & Physical Evaluation

For your safety, b:Rare will set up lab work near you and assist you in obtaining a physical evaluation.

Lab Work Review & Personalized Plan

You are scheduled with a b:Rare doctor for an online visit to review lab results and discuss your personalized treatment plan.

Customized Program Shipped & Ongoing Care

Your health experience will be mailed directly to you from our b:Rrare pharmacy, along with instructions, guidance, and live support. You will have ongoing visits throughout your care either online, in-office, or at your home.

Medical Experts, Treatments, and Your Care

Health Experiences have been designed by leading medical doctors and pharmacists who take pride in making sure that your safety and care is their top priority.


b:Rare Health Experiences have been designed for individuals who are wanting to improve their quality-of-life in the following health areas: sexual health, physical health, and cognitive health.

The Executive Experience has been designed for one-year to provide your body time to adjust to changes that will occur based on the treatments your b:Rare doctor prescribes. Throughout the years your goas and safety are constantly being assessed through lab work and physical evaluations.

At some point during your care, you and your b:Rare doctor will discover the correct balance of what is needed to achieve your personal goals while also keeping you safety priority.

At b:Rare Health we take your privacy very seriously.

We understand your personal health goals are a private matter and we ensure that the communication with your b:Rare doctor remains a private matter between the two of you.

All medical and personal information you provide is end-to-end encrypted, and kept secure in line with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) best practices.

We have made it convenient for you to receive your care from your home, making a trip to see your doctor, or online from anywhere in the world. your b:Rare doctor personalize your visit based upon your needs.

The doctor will making sure that your personal health goals are being met in a dafe manner.

To establish an understanding of your health before beginning any treatments, it is required for your safety to provide a baseline reading of your blood.

We have made it easy for you to get your lab work done by coordinating our team to come to your home or making arrangements for an office visit.

Lab work that is covered in your membership: Blood Health, Metabolism Health, Bone Health, Thyroid Health, Prostate Health, Sex Hormone Health, Cardiovascular Health and Healthy Fats.

This baseline reading allows your b:Rare doctor to assess your health and make appropriate treatment recommendations that are safe and effective. Through your one-year health experience, you will have follow up lab work to make sure you are staying in the safe range for your body.

You need to make sure you attend these appointments or make other arrangements with you b:Rare Concierge Care Team.

For your safety you must receive a physical evaluation to rule out any issues that may counteract with your prescribed treatments. This evaluation will provide you with an objective view of your current health. As you age it is imperative you receive a yearly physical evaluation of your body by a licensed healthcare provider. Doing so can recognize any age related changes that can occur, which can be addressed and treated immediately.

Your physical evaluation will be coordinated by your b:Rare Concierge Care Team to take place at your home or the doctor’s office.

Every body is different, so your b:Rare doctor care team may prescribe one of several potential medications based on your unique biology and needs. Your b:Rare doctor will also give you the option to request a different medication before finalizing your prescription. All medications have been confirmed as safe by the FDA, and have been scientifically proven to meet your personal health goals.

Yes. The b:Rare Health membership fee enables us to provide a level of personalized service (via our doctors, pharmacists, and technology) that is not typically reimbursed by most insurers.

No. You should keep your health insurance so that you are covered in case of a medical emergency.

Your membership fee cannot be paid by using your HSA, FSA, MSA, or HRA debit or credit card. You will have to manually submit your claim.